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Many adults believe that kids haven't changed much over the years, but nothing could be further from the truth! Teenagers are journeying through high school with more freedom, fewer boundaries, and more challenges. (Scroll down to hear how one student has been changed by mentoring.)

Our vision is to give students hope, keep them off drugs/alcohol, help curb risky behaviors, and to encourage healthy choices. Trained adults invest 90 minutes each week for a year into students' lives through a one-to-one mentoring relationship. Mentoring enables a student to develop responsible decision making skills, deeper relationships within their family, improved grades/attendance in school, and potentially a rewarding journey into the future as a responsible young adult in their community.


Life Bridge's program involves students age 10-18 currently enrolled in school, including home schoolers. Our staff and mentors encourage students to do well by becoming involved in all aspects of the student's academic life, including sports, drama, and extra curricular clubs.

In cooperation with UNH's Carsey Institute, Life Bridge conducted a comprehensive study on how mentoring efforts have affected the students and families we serve.

Click here to see the entire report and its findings

"I am extremely proud of the District's association with Life Bridge and know that you will find them to be a caring, responsible and effective resource."

- John B. Robertson, Former Superintendent of Schools
Gov. Wentworth School District, SAU 49


Life Bridge's vision is to give students hope, keep them off drugs and alcohol, help curb teenage pregnancy, and to provide good choices in a positive environment. Healthy adults invest hours into students' lives in nurturing one-to-one relationships and faith-based community support.

High school students in New Hampshire experience many different things today that may be different from when we were kids. Here are some statistics from the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey that may surprise you:

21.4 % of students have been bullied on school property in the past 12 months
5.9 % of students in the 12 mos prior to this survey attempted suicide (20% increase since 2009)
29.6% of HS students currently drink alcohol
23.1% of HS students currently used marijuana
38.9% of students stated they have had sexual intercourse

The survey in its entirety can be found here

Our staff and mentors are background checked and trained. Quarterly mentor training sessions keep mentors in touch with our staff and provide mentors with a support system. Mentors track weekly meetings on MentorPro software. LB staffers check in with mentors regularly as situations dictate (i.e., to check in on new match chemistry, to inform them of scheduled mentor/mentee oriented activities, or to discuss school progress reports).

Each mentor is working with students on a volunteer basis. They are commissioned as mentors to spend time with mentees for at least 90 minutes each week and to provide a safe environment for the student during their scheduled times.

The role of a mentor is to

  • Provide a safe place
  • Show up consistently
  • Listen
  • Speak into their life
  • Teach life skills and hobbies
  • Act on cases of mandatory reporting
  • Help in resolving conflict
  • Provide mentoring resources and be a resource
  • Act as liaison when necessary between parent and mentor
  • Be available to mentees
  • Just hang out with mentee

What benefits could come of my child having a mentor in their life?

  • Improved attendance in school
  • More personal responsibility
  • Improved confidence
  • Better grades
  • Involvement in healthy extra curricular activities
  • Making healthier lifestyle choices

How do you get your teen involved in Life Bridge activities?

Call or Email Today

We will connect you to the proper area director who will provide you with information and answer your questions.

"Life Bridge, Inc. and their staff has been a valuable asset to our school and community. They have impacted a number of students in a very positive way."

- Paul MacMillan, Former Principal
Kingswood Regional High School


"I am truly blessed to have known you and to be involved in the Life Bridge program. Thank you again for everything you have done, and thank you for finding me my mentor. I hope this message finds you well and you are having a wonderful day."

- A former mentee, October 2015

Having a mentor in your life means someone cares and wants to listen to you! It could mean receiving help in making a decision about school, encouraging you through a tough test or tryout, providing homework help, learning a new skill or hobby together, helping you to learn how to make an impression to land a summer job, answering your questions about your college goals, or many other valuable life skills. A mentor will guide you to make better decisions, listen while you talk, do the things you enjoy most, and may even show you how to enjoy something new... something you never thought you'd enjoy.

Why have a mentor in my life?

  • A mentor is a trusted friend who will be there for you in good times and bad.
  • He/she is a person who will listen to you and will not give up on you when life gets hard.
  • A mentor can help teach you new things and is eager to help you grow in the things that you are interested in. (Often times, a mentee teaches the mentor something new - like a dance or a video game!)

What's my job as a mentee?

  • Make a sincere effort to meet weekly with your mentor for 90 min/week. It is important to try to be consistent the entire year.
  • Be respectful of each other's time/commitment.
  • Communicate often about meeting times and try to meet when it works best for both of you.
  • Be honest - a mentoring relationship is built on trust and things are "okay" speaking your mind.
  • Work through challenges together rather than giving up easily - stick with it!

How do I get connected with Life Bridge?

Just call or email us! We'd love to connect with you and share about the process. You can find our information by clicking the link below.

Call or Email Today

You can also ask your guidance counselor at school for more info about Life Bridge.

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get involved with a great program. It's helped me so much to have people to talk to and to be a friend to."

- Allyson


Students are fighting against incredible odds, whether they have addictive tendencies or parents who do, struggle to understand where they fit in, or lack confidence in where their future is. Through a positive mentoring experience, students have improved attitudes, confidence, better grades, less urges to engage in risky behaviors, and a sense that they can succeed in life. Parents feel less stress when teens feel safe and secure. Life Bridge's goal is to help students achieve a secure sense of themselves and to improve personally as they journey through adolescence.

We are seeking mentors who are...

  • Passionate to see young people succeed
  • Committed, understanding, and flexible
  • Willing to make a one-year commitment 90 min/week
  • A willingness to share their life experiences
  • Able to provide a fun, safe environment
  • Able to attend periodic training sessions

If you can devote a time each week to a local student, please contact us. Call our offices at (603) 651-3279. We can answer your questions and refer you to the local area director. The process begins with filling out forms about your interests. We also check personal references, ask you to complete a criminal background check, and supply you with mentor training and follow up maintenance sessions.

It may soon become evident that your influence in a teen's life can be a very rewarding experience. Often we hear, "It's the best thing I've done in a very long time."

Mentor and Parent Resources


  • THE BE WITH FACTOR - Mentoring students in everyday life. By: Boshers & Poling (pub. 2006)
  • HURT - Inside the world of today's teenagers. By: Chap Clark (pub. 2004)
  • HELP! MY KIDS ARE HURTING - a Survival Guide to working with students in pain. By: Marv Penner (pub. 2005)
  • THE HEART OF MENTORING - Ten proven principles for developing people to their fullest potential. By: David Stoddard (pub 2003)
  • BOUNDARIES WITH TEENS - When to say yes. How to say no. By: Dr. John Townsend (pub. 2006)
  • TEENAGE GIRLS - Exploring issues adolescent girls face and strategies to help them. By: Ginny Olesen (pub. 2006)


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